Presidents of the GAA: Liam Clifford

Liam Clifford (1876-1949), Limerick, was the ninth president of the GAA (1926-1928).

Involved in the dairy co-operative movement in Limerick and neighbouring Clare for many years, Clifford became the Department of Agriculture’s chief dairy inspector in 1936[1].

Clifford was chairman of the Limerick county board for 20 years, and also had a term as chairman of the Munster board.

Under Liam Clifford’s leadership, the Tipperary team toured America[2], and the GAA decided to allocate ten percent of gate receipts for ground development, which lead to the provision of grounds throughout the country[3], for which Clifford has been called “the great apostle of grounds development”.[4]

[4]O’Brien Pocket History of Gaelic Sport, Eamonn Sweeney, The O’Brien Press, 13 Aug 2004

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