Presidents of the GAA: Michael Deering

Michael Deering (1858-1901), Limerick, was the fifth president of the GAA (1898-1901).

Although born in Limerick, Michael Deering is most closely associated with Cork, where he helped to form the county board, of which he later became chairman.

He held a hurling tournament between clubs from Cork and Tipperary in 1886, which lead to the introduction of intercounty competition[1].

During his time as chairman of the Cork county board, a dispute arose over the 1894 All-Ireland senior football final. In the replay of the final between Cork and Dublin, Cork were leading 1-2 to 0-5 (a goal was worth 5 points at the time) when several Dublin players were attacked by Cork supporters. Dublin refused to play on; Cork refused a second replay, and the GAA Central Council awarded the championship to Dublin.

Deering resigned from the Central Council, and a schism developed in the GAA, with Cork running its own All-Ireland. Cork reconciled with the GAA, and Deering returned to the Central Council, becoming president in 1898.

Michael Deering was the only GAA president to die in office.

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