Lár na Páirce Museum is an interpretative centre of Gaelic Games that is dedicated to educating its visitors about the rich heritage of the GAA.

It houses an impressive collection – including hurleys, jerseys, trophies, medals, programmes, publications and banners – which brings to life the development of Gaelic Games from ancient times to the present day as well as showing its unique role in Irish history. Recently refurbished, it now features a state of the art audio-visual system to enhance the visitor’s experience at key points throughout the tour.

The museum was originally developed by a group of volunteers to display the Sam Melbourne GAA collection and to showcase the GAA legacy to the next generation. It was opened in 1994 by President Mary Robinson to mark the 110th anniversary of the foundation of the GAA in Hayes’s Hotel, Thurles. Over the years, the museum has received a vast collection of items of sporting interest. Recently refurbished, it is now hoping to become one of Tipperary’s most popular visitor attractions.

Tá seoda dár noidhreacht i Lár na Páirce.