Presidents of the GAA: Séamus MacFerran

Séamus MacFerran (1916-1968), Antrim, was the eighteenth president of the GAA (1955-1958).

McFerran was elected chairman on the Antrim County Board in 1944, and was the Antrim delegate to the Ulster Council for several years, and was chairman of the Ulster Council from 1949 to 1951[1]

Séamus was a co-founding member of the Geraldines GAA club in Belfast.[2]

During his presidency, he opened Pearse Stadium on June 16th, 1957.[3] Known for his love of singing, he was a member of a Belfast choir that won the Welsh Festival competition, and toured America twice.[2]

The Séamus McFerran Cup, given to the winners of the Ulster Senior Club Football Championship[3] was donated by the Ulster Council in his memory in 1968.

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[3] Our thanks to the author, Humphrey Kelleher, for drawing our attention to an error in an earlier draft of this article.

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