Presidents of the GAA: Maurice Davin

Maurice Davin (1842–1899) hardly needs introduction: as co-founder of the GAA, together with Michael Cusack, no history of the GAA is complete without mentioning him.

Maurice Davin had achieved international renown for his achievements in athletics. Having held various world records in a variety of events, he was considered for a time the best athlete in the world.

It was his interest in athletics, as well as an interest in developing the national games of Ireland, that lead to the founding of the GAA. Davin was elected the first president of the GAA, and during his first presidency standardised rules were set for hurling and football, as well as more traditional athletic events, such as running, cycling, and weight throwing.

Davin is the only person to have been elected to the presidency of the GAA a second time, having also held the third presidency. His name lives on in the Davin Stand in Croke Park, in clubs such as the Carrick Davins, and many other examples.

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